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A Natural Way to Heal

I’m an Alternative Health Practitioner and a firm believer in taking a holistic approach to healing. I have been trained in Classical Homeopathy, and I am Board Certified through the Council for Homeopathic Certification (CCH).  Through my practice, I strive to restore health and promote well-being, by aiming to treat the underlying causes of illness rather than just eliminating symptoms.  Homeopathy is truly holistic, as it looks at the whole person (mental, emotional, physical). It can be helpful for acute and chronic conditions, and is suitable for all ages.


If you are interested in finding out whether this modality is suited for you, please reach out. Send me an email or book a 20 minute free consultation to discuss. I will listen to you, understand how your body is manifesting its imbalance through your physical and emotional symptoms, and will support you through this healing journey toward better health. 

Georgia Koulas, CCH

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“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease”

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Homeopathy isn’t right for everyone. But it might be right for you. The only way to know for sure is to talk with a homeopath about your specific condition, circumstances, and goals.

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I am not a doctor.  The information on this website is not intended as medical advice, nor is it meant to replace your relationship with your medical doctor, therapist, or other licensed healthcare professionals. You are encouraged to make your own healthcare decisions in partnership with a qualified healthcare professional. Please seek medical attention in emergencies and to get a diagnosis and medical assessment.

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