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About Image Georgia Koulas


Georgia Koulas is an Alternative Health Practitioner trained in Classical Homeopathy. She graduated from the Academy of Homeopathy Education NYC |World (AHE) and is currently pursuing her post-grad studies  at the Dynamis School for Advanced Homeopathic Studies. As part of her 6 years advanced studies, Georgia completed over 1000 clinical and didactic hours, including history, philosophy, anatomy, physiology & pathology, therapeutics, Materia Medica and live clinical training working directly with clients. 


In addition to her rigorous education, Georgia continues to invest her time into additional training via webinars, as well as national and international conferences. She has attended courses and webinars with world-class Homeopaths, Jeremy Sherr, Robin Murphy, Rajan Sankaran, Dr. Farokh Master, George Dimitriadis, George Vithoulkas, Kim Elia and many others.

She is attending various workshops and seminars as part of her continuing education, and is conducting

various workshops in her community to educate people in Homeopathy 

Affiliations, Certifications, Memberships and Volunteering Activities


Georgia’s dedication to Homeopathy goes back over 30 years ago. She was initially introduced to Homeopathy as an alternative and more natural way of healing various health conditions. From that point on, she raised her whole family homeopathically. Her belief in the empirical results and effectiveness of homeopathy was so strong that she decided to dedicate the rest of her life in the study of Homeopathy and helping folks around the world. Coming from a MultiCultural environment, she is fluent in Greek, English, German and Italian.

Georgia currently lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, son and their little Maltese dog.

Her mission is to teach people how to heal in harmony with nature so they can live to their highest potential.

Please contact her if you would like to see if natural healing is the right path for you.

I am not a doctor.  The information on this website is not intended as medical advice, nor is it meant to replace your relationship with your medical doctor, therapist, or other licensed healthcare professionals. You are encouraged to make your own healthcare decisions in partnership with a qualified healthcare professional. Please seek medical attention in emergencies and to get a diagnosis and medical assessment.

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