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What My Clients Say About Me

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your help! I recognize that you went above and beyond to match my body with a remedy, and then to stick with me until my body got to a place where it was stabilizing. You truly have given me so much of my life back, I cannot, thank you enough. And thank you for sharing your wisdom and patience in seeing that my body has gone through so much this last year and just needed a little extra time than most people likely do. Our whole family is grateful to you! Thank you so much for helping give me normalcy again!


We want you to know how grateful we are to you for being there for us over the last holiday and helping Tim return to health so quickly and thoroughly. It’s back to work for Tim today, life is returning to normal - Yay! We are in your debt. Deepest thanks,

Michele & Tim

I had suffered for a few years with a few conditions that ranged from debilitating to irritating. The main thing I struggled with was a debilitating pain at the base of my thumbs that was never formerly diagnosed by my MD, but he told me he thought it was Rheumatoid Arthritis. I wanted to deal with this pain homeopathically. There were no practitioners in my state of Florida, so I looked to the Academy of Homeopathic Education in New York. I elected to work with a student who was due to graduate in June and who would work under her instructor. I was fortunate to be paired with Georgia Koulas.
We connected virtually on January 27, 2021 and I immediately liked and trusted her. Her manner was warm, professional, and intelligent. I began the remedy she recommended about one week later. As of today, 03/02/21 the pain in my hands is very nearly gone and the other lesser conditions that were so annoying are nearly gone as well. I am deeply grateful for this impressive improvement in my health. I intend to complete my work with Georgia on this current case and will look to her for help in future as the need arises. I have learned first-hand that homeopathy is a powerful & effective modality and I highly recommend Homeopathy especially in cases of chronic illness and I certainly recommend Georgia Koulas as a sensitive and skilled homeopathic practitioner.
Thank you, Georgia.


I was going through one of the roughest times in my life when I was introduced to Georgia by my sister. She took the time in our consultation to hear every single thing I had to say and took everything I said and felt into account. She was very patient and understanding. She literally turned my life around and gave me hope that I would get back to normal. She has been absolutely amazing. I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done for me. I definitely recommend anyone and everyone to have her as their homeopath.


Georgia has been an amazing help in the journey to healing my son's rash. Patiently listening when talking with him to find the right remedy. She has answered my many questions about homeopathy - how, why, when - thoughtfully and in a manner that makes sense to someone who knows very little about homeopathy. Gently correcting when we've antidoted his remedy accidentally, pausing to help an acute illness, then getting back on track to heal the rash when he got better. She responds quickly and points to additional options if she's not available.


The remedy has been a miracle for Callie.  She doesn't get headaches anymore and she is much less excitable when things suddenly drop etc.  Thank you so much!!  You have helped to change her life for the better, we are eternally grateful.


In December 2020 I came down with an extreme bout of what seemed to be the flu. I had low grade fever that got up to 101.9 at one point, I had a painful headache that turned into a migraine, coughing, phlegm, the works. I had already been sick in February with these same symptoms and took nothing but homeopathic remedies, but it took over 2 weeks to take its course. This time in December I decided to contact AHE acute clinics, for some homeopath medical intervention. I was contacted the next day by Georgia. And she was EXTREMELY helpful, informative and so attentive to my symptoms and needs. She kept in contact with me from literally Day 1 to Day 14/15, when I was 100% better. She asked me in detail what symptoms I had, how I felt and recommended a few remedies. She gave me very detailed instructions on how to mix the remedy and how to take it. She kept in contact with me multiple times a day & night to check in. When one remedy wasn’t working, she recommended another until we found the right one. She was amazing, and I felt completely safe with her. She recently helped me with some gnarly hives/rashes I developed all over my hands. They were itchy and very uncomfortable. Again, she was very attentive and helpful. She recommended remedies and didn’t stop until we found the right one. Kept in contact with me until they were all gone.   I will continue to see her for chronic reasons. And I will definitely recommend her services!!


Georgia is one of the most wonderful professionals I have met. She is caring, kind, passionate with what she does, and always strives to help me and my family with our health issues and concerns.  She has excellent bed side manners and is always available to listen and to help us. Since I have been working with her, I feel healthier, more balanced and have more energy and motivation. Thank you Georgia for what you do!


Working with Georgia has been amazing. She always listens to my concerns and works to find the solution that is best for me. She’s quick to make adjustments if something is not working as planned. She is always available for acute issues with me and my family.  She is warm, kind, funny and a great listener. Since working with Georgia I’m more in tune with my body and feel better about my health. I’m so grateful that she is able to work with me.


Georgia has been great to work with. She's so easy to talk to, very attentive and compassionate to my needs and concerns. I highly recommend Georgia and will not hesitate to seek her expertise in the future.


Georgia, one of the highest compliment a person can receive is to be listed and appreciated as a person who listens.  You are a good listener.  Not only do you listen you hear the words and pictures.


I am not a doctor.  The information on this website is not intended as medical advice, nor is it meant to replace your relationship with your medical doctor, therapist, or other licensed healthcare professionals. You are encouraged to make your own healthcare decisions in partnership with a qualified healthcare professional. Please seek medical attention in emergencies and to get a diagnosis and medical assessment.

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